”Why Yahya Abdul-Manteen II is the Actor to Know This Fall” WSJ Magazine | or how chess moves pave the way for career moves

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”Comeback Kid” The New York Times Magazine | on Sharon Van Etten’s new sound, new album, new life

”Nonny de la Peña” WSJ Magazine | a profile of a virtual reality pioneer

"The Incredible Shrinking Airplane" Popular Science | why, as airplanes get larger and larger, do they feel smaller and smaller?

"Can mussels be the sustainable snack that saves the ocean?" Fast Company | a trip to an offshore mussel farm

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"The Scarily Profitable Hits of Jason Blum" The New York Times Magazine | on a horror movie producer's arthouse approach 

"Long Way Home" The Virginia Quarterly Review | my ten year correspondence with a solitary sailor
+ a translation of this story appeared in Courrier Japon

"Barok Main" The New York Times Magazine | on the composers Mica Levi and Oliver Coates

"Letter of Recommendation: Not Breathing" The New York Times Magazine | on the meditative benefits of apnea, or freediving

"The Best Trekking Poles" Wirecutter | a review; also on walking and falling

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"How I rented a piece of a river in a never-ending western drought" The Guardian | on owning a right to water in the West
+ radio versions "How Water is Bought and Sold" & "He Bought the Water"

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"Calling Art" The Virginia Quarterly Review | on Art Laboe, late night deejay legend

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"Language Leakage: An Interview with Sarah Thomason" Paris Review

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"The New Making It" The New York Times Magazine | how artists forge careers today





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"Read This In Case of Emergency" Slate | a winter wilderness blitz through various survival guides 

Awl True Stories: The Bookie & Night Court & Lucky Louie (a dog story) & the Internet Terror Phone & a Slow Ride Around Yangon & the Toilet Man & the Lifespan of a Band & the Journalist and the Junta & a Crazy Tree in Brooklyn & a Morning in Isla Vista  
+A Walking Tour Through the Living Wreckage of Penn Station

"Have Packgoat, Will Travel" Modern Farmer | on goats that will carry things for you

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