I am a writer. Not so long ago I was an editor at many very different magazines in New York City (Fortune, Popular Science, World Policy Journal, National Geographic Adventure). Now, I live in Los Angeles. I would probably enjoy writing for you, so...


I am represented by Julia Masnik at Watkins/Loomis


Where I've worked 

Abroad View 2005-2006

India Today 2004-2005

The Passenger 2004-2005

Santa Barbara Independent 2003-2005

El Batador 2001-2001

Also: retail, waiter, barista, tennis instructor, overseer of the touch tanks at an aquarium (a great job, yes), and very occasional deejay* 

some TELEVISION spots

CNN |talking about strange places to vote

MSNBC | talking about aging

NatGeo | at the Explorers' Club annual gala, in the Waldorf Astoria, eating eyeballs and boxing a kangaroo